Help with finding mid-range Monitor

Figured I'd consult here first for this question. Been looking to setup multiple monitors. I game, but it's not really a necessity so I don't feel I need to throw down $300+ on a monitor. Does anyone know a good buy for "around" $150+?

Needs to be VESA 75 x 75 mm or 100 ×100 mm compatible for a mount. Preferably 1920x1080. I'm planning on picking up two or three and just need to be sure I find a decent all-around monitor. Thanks.

Look at some nice 21.5" IPS monitors. I like the looks of:

In terms of a very inexpensive monitor, this is an excellent option for multi-monitor setups, although it doesn't have quite as thin of a bezel as I would prefer for a multi-monitor setup. But then again, I wouldn't be using a VESA mount system for mine, I would just put them on a desk and get the ones from HP, because I have amazing luck with HP products.

Well im using a BenQ gw 2250 myself and so far im impressed. I bought it for only around $140 and i often play video games, watch movies and such. (this isnt the one im using btw, however this gives you an idea of what im using, only that mines like 20.5inch or something)


Awesome. Thank you both. I'm going to look more into the BenQ. The IPS looks nice but I think the 14ms response time might drive me crazy.

Thanks again!


with ips panel:



 or, if you can get this, this is cheap! (i can find it on amazon in austria):







the second link is also ips panel