Help with finalizing my build


I am trying to get together a parts list for my first build my budget is 1600 but if necessary it could go up to 1650 usd. The computer will be used primarily for gaming but also to dabble in video editing. I will be running graphically intense games and use adobe premier for video editing. My monitor is a 1920 x 1080 Acer  H236HLbid i don't intend to be adding any more monitors.  Peripherals are listed, and i am upgrading from a mac book air my school issued me so pretty self explanatory why I need a new computer.

I would say trade that 4670K for a 4690K, since you are going with a z97 board, may as well take advantage of the latest chips, especially since they are the same price.

The i7 4790k is about $100 more than the 4670k; since you're video editing I think that would help a lot.

Also, at least from my understanding, the reliability of HDDs goes down significantly once you go above capacities of 2TB, so I'd recommend getting a few 1 or 2 TB drives instead of the single 3 TB.