Help with excluding steam from VPN on DD-WRT

So I've set up my VPN tunnel on my router Netgear R7000 running a newer version of DD-WRT. It works just fine except when I want to play games online. I have a significant packet loss and it causes alot of lag. One way to avoid this is shutting the VPN off every time I want to play and then turn it back on again. However it's a tidous process and as it's on the router, it has to do a "mini reboot" and so the rest of the family get's angry every time I do it.

I was just wondering if it is possible to exclude some ports/ip''s from the vpn on DD-WRT and if so, how do I do it?

Nope, its not. Even have the same router as you. What you have to do is subnet your network, and get a second router. Set your second router up to create its own VLAN with an ip address received through the main household router. Then set your vpn up on your personal router, and leave the main router open. That way only the devices connected to the second network will be on a vpn; therefore, whenever you want to game just connect to main router with a switch or something.

I understand. Too bad though.

I'm not sure about dd-wrt but this is possible in pfsense (in theory) so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible in dd-wrt (if not maybe openwrt).

The main problem however is that I don't think there is a fixed lits of IPs or ports that you could use to say 'this is steam traffic, don't use the VPN' A simple solution however would be to only use the VPN for port under 1024, that way all your web traffic and e-mail and whatnot will use the VPN and things like games and whatever that use higher ports will use the normal connection.

You just need to configure your firewall to change gateway based on port number, which you can do in pfsense and I would assume in iptables (used by dd-wrt, openwrt, linux, etc.)

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