Help with EVGA Supernova decision


I am currently debating if the EVGA SuperNova 120-PG-0750-GR 750W Power Supply - 80+ Gold is a good unit. It's on sale right now in my area for $100 and wondering why this 80+gold is abit cheaper than others I have seen. I have heard the EVGA GPU's are great but don't know about the PSU's. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as the sale ends this Friday!


Thanks again

Although evga units use quite good oem designs from FSP,Enhance, Etasis. The whole multi-12v rail setup is imho holding them back and unless the unit is 1200w +,  a good strong single rail is the way to go. It also relies on the end user being able to recognize that if a given high powered gpu requires a heap of amps 2 separate cables (ie 2 cables, 2x 12v rails) will be needed for the card to get sufficient reliable power.

I personally would be grabbing this - strong single rail, and is well under your $100 budget (if you're in the US).

trust me, i got one, i fucking love it.  I reccomend any of them.  Great sleeving, great looks, great paint.  And the whole 4 12 v rails thing shouldnt bother you, i havnt had any trouble.  There very good.  All jap caps, dual ball bearing fans.  Its just great.

EVGA also has a stellar warranty. I bought their 500w Bronze PSU for my grandfather's build, and it's been going strong for about a month (wish I could say more, but I just bought it!). The build quality on EVGA products is very nice, I'd search for some comparable PSUs, too, just to make sure there's nothing better for your money!

that's what i'm using now. I can't compare to anything else because this pc is my 1st ever build. but i can say it hasn't given me any problems . and its whisper quiet :)

I was looking at picking up one of these myself for the same reasons.

However, I held off. Picking a power supply has proven to be more of a challenge then I anticipated.

I can't comment on the unit itself but I did read something I found interesting. I believe the unit is longer then your average power supply. So just keep that in mind, depending on the case it is going in. I saw a picture of one mounted in a mid-tower case and it covered a bit of the cable management cutout at the bottom of the MB mounting tray (power supply mounted in the bottom of the case).

If you do decide to get it let us know how you like it.

I'm using the bronze version of this power supply and its working pretty well, plus it came with a five year warrenty

ordered it in, just waiting to put in, I got the 750D case, will let you know how it goes. :)