Help with dvd software

Ok guys so i need some help, i need a programme that will burn video files to a dvd so i can play it in a dvd player.

Just youtube vids and movie clips and so on.

and i need it to be easy to use and simple to install if thats possible so please get back to me ASAP.

The dvd player need to support uhh some shit..

imgburn  just throw the shit in there and play it on dvd

Um, i didnt really understand what you ment, basicly what i want to do is find a programme for my friend because he wants to burn "video clips" from the internet to a DVD and play it on his DVD PLAYER.

well, windows has a built in dvd maker. just tell him to get youtube downloader, get the files and use windows dvd maker. or maybe alcohol 120 for 30 days.

Go get ConvertXtoDVD, it's the program I use for backing up my videos on my pc. Â It supports basically any file type, and it will convert it to dvd and you can use it on almost any dvd player.

get dvd flick its open source will burn to a proper dvd player formst

yeah dvd flick works very nicely

First he needs to convert the video files he downloads from youtube etc from flv to something else. '

yea i would recommend converting to WMV just because its so common. If you want HD, you might want a different format.

have you tried dvdflick? It converts almost every format so it will burn onto a dvd i dont think he's even tried it lol

Yea it worked great thanks!

Yeah, ConvertXToDVD is best. And it doesnt matter what file type it originates in, itll need to be converted to .VOB to play as a DVD anyway.

I know this is late but i thought id just throw my input in there.