Help with Dell T420 setup

Just wanted to see if anyone has experience with DELL T420 or the like servers with windows 2012 R2 or another compatible hypervisor.

I had tried to use Dell’s support assistant, but it wont help with what dell tools to download to integrate the dell options (power control and monitoring) through ipmi etc so they report hardware or software issues in one place. If I need anyof it.

Also, I dont know what options to pick for setup to create a VM enviornment. I did modify the H310 to be in IT mode so it passes through the disks directlt for a planned ZFS database.

I just thought I’d reach out if anyone knows of a guide, or documentation that could help.

Is is Hyper-V you need as a hyper visor? to use server 2012 as the Host system?

I don’t know of hypervisors on Windows, but maybe zen/qemu is available?

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