Help with DAC/AMP recommendations (£50/$70/€70)

The audio on my motherboard appears to have died and I am currently stuck using an old USB headset. Could somebody please recommend a DAC AMP within the budget of around $70/£50. I really have little idea of where to start. Any help is much appreciated.

I currently have headphones and speaker, both of which use a 1/4 inch jack, converted down to 3.5mm.

I don't think you'll have much luck finding a decent DAC with a headphone stage for this little money. Maybe you should rather look into audio interfaces? The M-Audio M-Track - a basic 2 channel interface - would for example be an alright option. The Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 would also be perfect for you. It has 2 1/4in stereo outputs (main and headphone) aaaand... that's it. It really doesn't have anything more. Well, two volume dials on the sides, but really, that's it. It costs a wee bit more (it's 100 bucks), but for the size and the price, the sound is great!

I have found both this and this.

Any other ideas, recommendations?

Both would have been good but unfortunately, they are a fair bit more expensive over here. Sorry.

£60 though...

Yeah, prices are a bit shitty in the UK. I wish I could save up a little more and get something like that but I need a replacement pretty soon and it would take about a month to save for that. Thanks, though.

Bumping, just in case anyone has any final recommendations and also with a question: given the choice, would you rather have the FiiO E10K or the DAC destroyer?

I have a DAC Destroyer and find the sound quality of it is superb. It will work plenty loud enough as long as you have low impedance headphones.
Is worth keeping an eye on well known auction site for these DACs as they seem to pop up occasionally, usually if someone is upgrading.
The gamble on buying one new from Canada is risky if you get stung for customs charges. would only be worthwhile if can find someone travelling over there to collect one for you

Thanks for shedding some light on the quality, review seem somewhat scarce for it. I have headphones with only 32 ohms of impedance, so it should be all fine. After taking into account customs charges, it'll cost around $50.

End of last year I bought myself a HiFiMan HM-101 and I am very happy with it. It also puts out enough power for my AKG K612 (150ohms). But it is a bit simplistic, so no external volume controlls ...