Help with Cybernetics iSAN 3224

I recently came into ownership of a retired Cybernetics iSAN 3224.

Like an IDIOT. I decided to take it apart and investigate the drive trays. I had not tested if the trays were working or anything, but I’m pretty sure all of the drives work properly.

I think I am running into some sort of Encryption at rest problem, but here’s the deal.

It had 10, 1TB SSDs.

They are all labeled as Cybernetics and 4 of them work fine (turns out they are just rebranded Samsung 850 EVOs) THOSE drives are labeled 1TB

The other 6 will not show up in anything I put them in. No matter what I seem to do.

THEY are labeled Similarly, but with less information (lacking things like PSID on the label, which the other ones have) and are also labeled 1TB-5

Peeling the sticker off shows that they are ALSO Samsung Drives. I don’t know what model though.

Any thoughts from you smart people?

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