Help with cutting costs

I have been working on a build, and I can't seem to lower costs to my original bugget of $1000. 


The link:


Thanks for the help 


I like it but I need the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

windows fo free ya knowz jack sparrow ya knowz. it's really easy.

if not downgrade the 7950 to a 7870 and get rid of the cooler i guess?

Get an FX-8320 and overclock it. If you weren't intending to overclock the FX-8350, you will essentially get the same chip but for a fair bit less.

Also, if you aren't intending to XFire or SLI then drop the ASRock 990 board in favour of an ASUS 970 one like the M5A97 EVO R2.0. You will notice no difference and save a few bucks.

EDIT: They didn't seem to have the EVO on the site - weird. So I added it's little brother. I would go for the EVO though if you can find it, better power phase (6+2). I also took Windows out of the build - there are always ways to get your OS without necessarily forking out for it. I'm not a big supporter of pirating things, but most people will know someone whose workplace has a spare licence somewhere.

I have an extra windows licence somewhere, but I still need the software.