Help with Cooling 2xGTX 660s (Non Ti)

Sent my 970 in for a refund and am now using my 660s. Problem is the cards are hitting 80-83C when Gaming and are loud as hell now. I just can't stand it anymore and decided to do something about it. I was browsing Newegg and Happened to find this


Was thinking this would be a great solution for my 2 Cards after seeing it. Was wondering how well this would cool the 660s with an Overclock and If there are any good Backplates that will help cool the Card?

Link is broken, a quick google search brought up aftermarket heatsinks?  Is that right?  If so, why not just go ahead and put a kraken g10 or corsair hydro on there and use the h50 as a rad for each?  It would probably cost about as much and you would have better temps.  Also, why not stick it out for a bit longer, and when you get the refund buy a 290, then sell the 660s and have even more money? 

RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS CORE EDITION is the exact cooler in question. As for the G10 and H55 Route I ain't got enough room in my Case for 2 more water coolers or I'd go this route. For whatever reason AMD cards tend to flip the breaker at my House. Not sure why either. As for selling the 660s I don't really want to sell them as they were a gift from my deceased Grandpa.