Help with Computer

Recently I decided to upgrade my PC due to my hard drive failing. I got a new hard drive as well as a new case, motherboard and a processor.
My current gear is this:
-8 gb Ram
-Intel Core i5-4590 CPU @3.30GHZ
-GTX 660
-Corsair Builder Series CX 500 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Bronze Power
-intel Z97 Pro3 Motherboard by ASRock
-I am on windows 8.1 64 bit

Problem: So Everytime I go to play a game no matter what game it is it freezes, than my whole computer goes kind of laggy and it basically crashes and slows down. I am unable to do anything but turn it off manually. When I restart it, it is like its perfectly fine. I am not sure at all what this could be. I have done a memory test, a CPU and GPU tests, and they all seem fine. The temperatures aswell did not go into the numbers of being worried about. If anyone has any idea what this my be it would help a lot.

What I have tried:
-Reinstalling Windows
-Doing CPU, GPU and memory tests
-Tested for over heating
-Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers, and the motherboard drivers.

Again if anyone knows what this could be it helps a lot, it only does it when I play any game, and randomly. So it crashes in any time between 5 minutes and up to 6 hours. I played all day yesterday and it never crashed, but today I played and it was 2 hours around. So its really random when it does it.

My friend had the same issue with his 570. Sometimes he could play games normally but the next day league would crash within 5 minutes whenever he tried to play and even then only in a normal mode, not the smaller game modes.

If you have another video card you can use while gaming do that. If the crashes still occur then it might be that your 660 is dying. If you do not have another video card then I recommend gaming using the on-board graphics of the I5-4590 (prepare to cringe though and turn all settings to their lowest). if the crashes still occur then come back to us but if the crashes stop then it would seem to me that your 660 is dying.

Could it also be possibly the power supply dying, or something wrong with the graphics drivers?

I have taken the graphics card out and it has not crashed. So I do think there is something wrong with either that, or a driver or something with the compatibility of it with the motherboard drivers or something somewhere?....

It could just be the card itself. Try using a different graphics card if you can get a different one from somewhere or test the GTX 660 in a different system.

I doubt it's the PSU to be honest but I would suggest fully testing the graphics card first since it sounds eerily similar to my friend's earlier stated predicament

How old is this GPU (in terms of use, not release date) and what kind of stress has it been through? From what you've said it seems comradevodka has already nailed the problem, but you may be right about the drivers (I have a 760 and am curious about something). Are you using MSI afterburner? Or any other GPU software? Do your crashes give you a distorted screen or just a freeze?

I have used it just to play games. It was in a old computer but my hard drive broke, so I decided to upgrade my processor and motherboard. I did a fresh reinstall of everything. It worked perfect before in my old comp. Now since I have added the new stuff it has not worked right. I dont have msi or any other gpu program besides nvidia, or geforce experience. So when I downloaded the drivers from geforce, it would crash my whole comp basically just making everything slow and realy laggy. But last night i went onto the nvidia driver page and downloaded drivers from there and now it has not been crashing my whole comp, but it basically distorts the screen in game. I am a big counterstrike player and basically it lags, and then at one pooint it just black screens and fixes it self while i am in a game, and it makes everything better. But it does this many times during a game.

That sounds like a failing GPU to me. I would test your PSU just to be sure that the power to the GPU isn't being interrupted. Also, does your MB have another PCIe lane that you could try the GPU in?

How would you suggest me testing the power to the GPU to test if it is getting interrupted or not?. And on my motherboard there is only one slot for the graphics card to go into.

You would use a power supply tester like this:

I've used that one before and it works pretty well as long as you read the instructions. Your local community college may be willing to help out if their computer lab is properly equipped.

Since you don't have another PCIe slot to try the GPU with, your best bet is to get a known good GPU and test it in your system. Just to be safe, I would confirm the PSU isn't the problem before doing that. You don't want a bad power supply to burn up a good graphics card.