Help with clamav on linux

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a bit of help with something I'd like to set up. What I want to do is have a folder which when a file is placed there is scanned with clamav and then moved to a different folder. I'm not really sure how to do this. I can probably write a script that would do it but only when that script is run, what I want is something that monitors the folder automatically.

Even a way of scanning files as they are transferred to another folder or mount point would work fine. 

Any ideas would be great, thanks.

My first thought would be to use something like ls in a loop with some timer and then do whatever you want, and then you can install this a service in systemd.

A cleaner way to do appearently is to use inotify, found this here : 

Systemd is also able to detect changes I think, at least that's how it detects newly installed kernels in order to compile new modules for them so you could make use of that as well

If you end up getting something to work I would like to see the solution.

Rsync the folder and use the folder guarding functionality of clamav to check on the target folder?