Help with choosing headphones

I was looking into buying some AKG K67's or K167's because of the awesome reviews, and the fact that I'm a huge Tiesto fan lol. The only thing that disappointed me about the headphones was the non-replaceable cable. On both models, the audio cable cannot be unattached. This really worries me because I know the cables can become damaged after a while. I may use them on the go often, especially at school. Should I still buy them? 

Replaceable cables aren't a huge concern. Even on headphones I've had for years with daily use I've never had to replace a cable. I'm sure if all else failed you'd be able to find some way to get inside them and replace the cable. Not a lot of headphones that I've seen in that price range have easily replaceable cables. There are some editions of the ATH M50's you can get that are modded with replaceable cables. There's also the Ultrasone Pro 550's. Maybe I just don't ruin headphone cords that quickly though.

I've heard the AKGs sound great, but have a flaw in the hinge design which leads to them breaking. Not personal experience, however, so sprinkle some salt on that info.