Help with Choosing CPU

Thanks you for stopping by to help me hopefully. I'm interested in building my own PC and the main purpose of the PC is for light gaming (Simple Platformers For Now.) and (Most Importantly) Streaming Videos in 720p HD and  video editing. This is a budget PC System that I will upgrade when needed so this doesn't need to be insanely fast or in other words, don't post CPUs that cost a fortune, I know those work well already. I'm mostly needing help for CPUs in around the 100-150 dollar range because I'll be getting a Dedicated GPU to go with the Processor to lesson its load. Thank you again for all feed back.


If you want to spend the least amount... probably going with amd apu is the best. You can probably build the entire computer for 3-400 and it should do exactly what you need it for. Go for the newer A10 if you do choose this route. 

I second Nightmarejr. The AMD APUs are GREAT for budget gaming. But, if you consider your rendering and streaming and all that as most important, go for the intel i5 3570k. It's $220 and is not only a great cpu, but has a decent gpu built in for you. Using the Intel sofware included, you also render ridiculously faster with it than if you used any dedicated graphics card. Get that with the ASRock z77 extreme4 board and you'll be happy as can be! If you don't want to spend that much on the CPU then go with one of it's other lower 3-series variant. But you won't get the intel hd 4000 graphics.