Help with CAD build

Hi guys. I'm an engineering student and I'm going into a rather CAD heavy last semester in September (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Robot, and some GIS). My current system is:

Asus X58 Sabertooth

Core i7 930

12GB 1600MHz RAM



2x GTX 760

1000W Power Supply

This system runs great but is showing its age in places (mainly SSD speeds). My question is, if I upgrade this system over the summer what would be more beneficial for the above software: Z87/97 or X79? I'd be sticking with the quad core parts, as the hexa-cores are a little out of my price range. Do the extra memory lanes on X79 help CAD software enough to justify the premium? 

Also I realize the Haswell-E is right around the corner, but I really don't want to beta test DDR4, so waiting for X99 isn't a consideration.



If you're going with quad cores, the 2011 platform is not worth the extra money.  Get the i7-4770k and a nice Z87/z97 board.

Thanks. I just found out that these new Z97 boards will support the 5th gen processors as well as the current ones, giving them some long legs. I might just go with the Gigabyte Z97 Gaming GT board mainly because of the extra PCIe lanes. Any thoughts?

Yeah, that should work just fine.  Extra PCIe lanes will allow for expansion and upgrade-ability, if you ever need it.