Help with buying server hardware

Reacently I got a job at a school. In the next 2 months we need to buy a server for school. Budget for server software and hardware is 22k. So far I know that the old server had the next virtual macnines SQL server, LMS Moodle, Magento, Windows Active directory, Backup, Big Blue Button, Email. It is a small school, we have about 500 students but rapidly growing and about 100 staff. What server brand should go with? What are the features that are often overlooked but make a big difference? What are the must have features? Should i go Intel or AMD? For the chasing side should i go enterprise or consumer SSD? What components not to skimp on? If i overlooked something please let me know. Sorry for my english it is not my first language.
Thank you in advanced for the help.

Get some quotes tell them what you need.

What ever has the better price to performance.

I have had good exp with Dell support, but idk about your location or what kind of support contract you are looking at getting.

What region are you, will help with suggestions.

For the brand you have two options:

  1. go with well-known brand - HPE/Dell/Lenovo
  2. buy from your local server store (for example something based on Supermicro chassis) - less expensive option

For the storage my recommendation is do not go after expensive solutions. Mixing SSD + HDD will be fine.

Maybe you will need separate NAS box for backups - again, do not go for enterprise NAS, small NAS will do fine.

Hi, I am located in Europe, Slovenija(near Italy not Slovakia :D). I wached a LTT video that sugested that AMD had some problems or this does not apply to my use case?

Hi, we have already 2 Synology ds418 on is in the same location as the old server and one is of site. Do I need to get enterprise HDD or Seagate IronWolf Pro are ok? Do I go with Hardware raid or Software raid like ZFS?

That what Linus did there is insane levels of performance.
Linus setup can achieve almost 24GB/s R/W, which is insane.

For data coming in or leaving the network, internet is going to be the bottleneck.

The storage drives and the service contract. You do not want to be accountable for fixing the DIY server in 5 years.

Call up SuperMicro, Dell, HPE, etc. and get some quotes.


^^^ this.

What LTT usually does is proof of concept DIY which usually never flies in the enterprise space for this very reason.

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