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I'm looking for a new GPU after I sold my 390X a while back as I stopped playing games and was tired of the noise and heat it generated. As a result, I'm thinking of going with an Nvidia card next. But I'm unsure of what card would be best for me. Firstly, I won't be playing extremely graphically intensive games; just games such as WoW, Overwatch, that sort of thing. And I have a 1440p monitor so it would be good if I could play them at its native resolution. It'd be nice if I could maintain a solid 60fps (although my monitor does have a 144hz refresh rate so higher fps would be beneficial). Continuing, I'm really looking for a card that is efficient, meaning that it isn't noisy and doesn't run very hot (especially when at idle). I've been looking at a 1050ti but I'm unsure of whether this would be powerful enough (so maybe a 1060?); I'm unsure of what would be best and what would bring most value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank You.

The most important part is going to be the third party cooler when you're talking about heat and sound.

IMO, once you go below the $200 mark, you really start losing value per dollar. For money efficiency, i think you want to spend $200-$400 on a card. So i would not go below a 1060. The MSI Gaming X 1060 is a very quiet and cool 1060 card.

It might be hard to find one right now for a good price, because of the cryptocurrency popularity recently. Not the best time to buy a card, especially cards typically in the $200-$400 range.

Thank you for your help, the MSI 1060 is £330 which is quite a lot so I don't think I could get that. I suppose that I'll just have to wait a while :slight_smile:

yeah, both card companies will be coming out with a next gen soon. AMD first, next month. And i'm not sure when Nvidia will, but probably some time later this year. I think everyone is reluctant to up their production too much because if the crypto currency market crashes, they're going to have a ton of last generation cards that they're going to struggle to sell.

But yeah, a card being noisy or hot is really the cooler's faults and not that its AMD or Nvidia. I wouldn't switch to Nvidia just because your last card was loud. If Vega has a card at a low enough price point for you, read reviews of the different coolers and get a quiet one and you should be happy.

I will be sure to do that when I come to buy a new card (probably when the next gen is released and the prices aren't inflated).

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Prices at those price ranges are inflated because of mining. Give it about a month. The etherium bubble will burst at some point and prices will normalize. Also many miners might sell their GPUs after that. Thus check for 2nd hand RX580 or 1060 in good prices.

Do not expect the new releases for the new card. AMD new releases will be for the high-end side of the spectrum. Not on the prices range you want.

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1440p and trying to avoid heat / noise, sounds like a Gtx 1080 or 1070 would be perfect. Really a 1070 makes sense because of the price range your looking in, but those fucking miners man. Before the screeching, “buy Rx vega” comments come in, that gpu is hot and power hungry, so I think we can rule that one out.

Also that Qing account is definitely a bot so don’t fuck with the site he linked

I mean I have a 580. Max temp is 67C so far, loudest thing is my AC in my room. I don’t really hear the GPU ever. Pretty gud.