Help with build

I am going to be building my second PC here in a couple of weeks. So I thought I'd hop in here and ask for opinions and see if you guys could perfect or recommend Something better.

this is what I have in mind right now. I'm buying the two 670's from a friend of mine for a decent price because he just upgraded. I would like to have it water cooled just because of the LED lights so if you have any better or cheaper water cooler in mind feel free to recommend it or edit my build :D (and yes I know it's lame that I'm watercooling just because of the lights but I'm that kind of person). 

Thank you guys in advanced :)

Any reason you're going Socket 2011? And not X99?

Seems like a waste. Especially since you have only 8GBs of RAM. 

What do you want to do with this build and what is your budget? Also how much are you paying for the two 670s?

I actually would not mind switching around either the Mother board or CPU if you had anything better you would like to recommend :)

He is asking 250 for both 

Okay well what do you want to use it for and what's your overall budget?


I game on PC quite a bit and play FPS and RPG's I like to run them at medium to highly settings because I prefer performance over graphics. I also stream once in a while and it not a priority. I'd say my budget would be around $1200 give or take. Thanks a lot man

Much better build for gaming than what you have there. 

I like the R9 290 and it should perform only a touch slower than the two 670s. The performance will be more consistent though as you aren't dealing with SLI. More VRAM with the 290 as well and you can always add another later for even more performance. That being said you may wanna wait until the AMD Rx 300 series drops soon as they should be awesome and push the price of the other cards down even further. 

But if you want the two 670s then yeah thats your call. 

Thanks a lot! I'm going to to with this build here but Im still think about using the two 670's if I don't use the 290. I appreciate the help!

why not go with a amd 8 core (any will do) that will drop the price (50 for a 8370) even more because you dont need a i5 for gaming and that can be groped even more with a mobo like a asrock 970 performance will drop the price (40) and then put it in something even better like the R9 300 series that is set to lanch in the begining of march or late feb.


Because the AMD 8 cores have poor single core performance and the i5 is a better choice. And yes I told him he may want to wait. 

but 1/4 less power core to core but have 2 as many so it is worth it to go and have more

Most games will prefer stronger single cores.

You also do not want to skimp out with AMD's FX 8 cores on the motherboard side.  These chips can pull a lot of power, and if you skimp out on the motherboard you have a pretty good chance of overheating the VRMs.