Help with build please

Hey can someone suggest a gaming build for my budget please?

My budget is $1200, I don't need operating system, hard drive, dvd drive, keyboard/mouse or moniter.

Thanks for the help much appreciated.

 EDIT2: I've upped my budget to $1200.


You did not specify if you need an operating system, keyboard/mouse, moniter or any of that so I didnt include any. This is the build I came up with, I think the PSU is a little more than you need, however, I have been a fan of larger than needed PSUs for future upgrades and expansion/tinkering. this is without an OS, monitor, keyboard, or mouse

Thanks, yeah I don't need operating system, hard drive, dvd drive, keyboard/mouse, moniter or any of that

I've upped my budget to $1000.

Add a 64 GB SSD if you like, but they really have practically no impact on game performance, so I wouldn't necessarily blow a budget over one when you can have a really epic rig aside from it.

Would this tower be fine with the parts you suggested?

And would this build be the best for my $1000 budget? Thanks 

Here is what I would get:

That Fractal Design Define R4 is a great case, and is on sale for a fantastic price. The difference between the 7950 and 7970 isn't worth the extra money, and switching out for the 7950 gives you room to upgrade other parts. You can get 16GB of RAM and a really nice board for overclocking, compared to the AsRock board. That air cooler should be good for up to 4.6gHz, maybe more, and the PSU is more than enough, and really efficient (80+ Gold). RaidMax is a terrible company for PSUs; if you want to risk all $900 of the rest of the build go for it, but the SeaSonic is modular, 80+ Gold, and very well built. You don't need more than 550W unless you are going to get a second 7950.

I found this setup..

Ofc the case issomething personal, you can choose whatever you like :)

i didnt pickup the cheapest parts! just quality parts :)

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

What do you think of this Liquid CPU Cooler instead of the cpu cooler you listed?

Will everything you listed fit in the case you listed?

Yes as far as i know everything will fit fine in that case.

About the cooler, i dont have any experiance with LC coolers, but offcoure, maybe a LC will cool better wenn overclocking, then a  aircooling..but that will be also depending, on wich kind of lc you gonne buy..

but far as i know the Cooler Master GT v6 is a nice looking cooler to me, read great things about it, i will get one myself some day.

 a revieuw about the coolermaster v6 GT

maybe about lc cooling, some people here know more about it.

OK thanks, I've always used Intel and Nvidia I thought I read they where better for gaming and performance this was many years ago.

Can you or someone also suggest a Intel and Nvidia build, you can add $200 more $1200 total in the budget If I can get a better performance than the AMD/ATI build.

Or If the $200 would be better for the AMD/ATI build please adjust where you see fit.

 Again I really appreciate the help.

intel 1155 3770k evga gforce 660ti

i choosed for a watercooler.

you can also go for an intel setup with ati radeon card...

but the question is it worth it.. to go for a intel setup.

252 dollar diffrence is much, wenn you spend a extra 60 dollars to that, you can buy a second 7950 and put them in crosfire.... on the amd build...

Try this:

i was using intel before i went to amd,  cause the price diffrence, if you look logans movies 8350 vs 3770k you see, that those cpu´s in much games are very close, to eachother.. the 3770k wins most of the times, but in streaming gaming the 8350  kill it. so, to me that was the decider to go give amd a try. to me it was noth worth it, to pay 250 more dollars, for a bout 2/3 fps more in a game :)

How is this?

Will everything fit OK? Also for dual video card support and performance which is better? I was watching a video and the reviewer said in crossfire the compatibility for games and the performance isn't has good has Nvidia.

If this is true what Nvidia cards do you recommend for SLIAnd is it worth getting dual cards?

 Thanks for all your help I hope I'm not to much of a bother this is my first build in a long time and I want to get the best I can for my budget :)

everything will fitt fine..

Sli vs Crosfire in games, thats a long story without end.. some people say AMD7950 is much better then a GTX660ti some swear by Nvidia...

but that depens on the game it self, there are some games, who do better perform, on a Nvidia card, there are also games, who like amd cards more..

i think if i was you, i would first buy a singe card, and look how it performs, perform it  how you like it, then you done, do you want more performance, you can allways decide to buy a second card of the same later.. thats how i thinking about this..

for  sli maybe 2  Evga GTX660Ti´s or 2 GTX670´s 2GB editions..

but i personaly think 2 msi 7950´s in crosfire will do better perfomance.. cause of the data bus from 384bit to a 192bitt or so  on the nvidia cards..

but there will be deffanetly more people to give you some advice for it, wenn you open a topic about those videocards in the gpu section..

i´m personaly  like radeon cards more.

So i deffenatly would buy a single 7950, and look how thats performing. cause a single 7950  must can do allmost all games at high settings, without any problems... 


Here, updated to fit your new $1200 budget:

Unlike the other build that have 7950s in Crossfire, this one is well balanced throughout. You get a fantastic PSU, great case, 16GB of 1866 memory, and a 256GB SSD.



I would just like to suggest a case I have been using in my new build for a little over a month now,

Yes there are only four HDD bays but how many will you be using?  :)  And any GPU will fit  :)

and ofc the msi 7950 twinfrozer isnt the cheapest 7950 card you can get, a XFS7950 Double dispension, or a Club 3d 7950 royal king also good cards. so at that point you have also more  possibility´s to choose, i just pickedup quality parts.. ☺

Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions, I'm ordering this tomorrow so If there is anything I should add or change let me know.

I should order some thermal paste also right? It's been so long I forget If thermal paste comes on the cpu/heatsink.