Help with Build. New builder

So i went out on boxing day and put together my first computer with some advice from many different people. i put it together with no problems, using a website suggested by Logan i bought a MS key for windows pro 8.1N ( this worked fine.

About a week later i turned on my computer and it stayed at the screen right before you can login to your microsoft account, so i than refreshed my PC, which was a big hassle. fast forward a week and i than had money to add an SSD to my computer, copying the data from my original sata harddrive to this SSD. Two days later i shut off my computer and went to bed in the morning i found out my computer didnt turn off and was back on the login screen. which i logged in and everything seemed to work fine, but when restarting my computer it than said that windows had an error and everytime it tryed to automatically fix itself it said there was an error and would restart the computer and process. before school i started my computer refresh of windows, but i really cant stand having to download all my games over and over again. anyone have a similar experience or maybe an idea of how to combat this problem.

-i tryed refreshing my windows.

-i have my ssd set as my priority boot drive.

-i still have my USB with the Windows ISO burnt to it.

-i have installed all my processor and GPU drivers.



Sounds like it could just be a corrupt installation. Unfortunately, a complete re-install is probably actually the easiest way to go about it. After that is done and before you install anything, I would then run something like DiskCheckup, and Memtest86 to make sure that your problems aren't actually hardware related.

i went to reset my pc in windows options, but when i clicked it, it said that i needed to plug in a usb or disc with windows on it, yet my usb with the iso was plugged in and what i had booted from. needless to say i searched the internet and F****** something up. So back to square one, im redownloading the iso and reburning it to my usb, hopefully this will allow me to reset my pc.

Yeah it is something with the bootloader. I had something happen to me. I installed an SSD in a PC that already had a HDD with Windows on it. I didn't disconnect it during the instal and despite installing it to the SSD it would load the Win 8 bootloader which would then try to read Windows 8 off the HDD and it would hang at the start up screen. If I unplugged the old HDD it was fine and it started normally. 

Sorry to hear, it's usually a good idea to install your programs and games onto a drive separate from your boot disk. This has become pretty standard practice due to the nature of high-cost SSDs, and low cost, high capacity hard drives. It also means that if it were to happen in the future, you would only have to worry about reinstalling windows, and not any of your games or most programs.

Like I said, I'd make sure to thoroughly test your hardware to ensure that it's not the problem as I've run into very similar issues in the past, which seem completely software related, only to find out that I had a bad RAM dimm, or a hard drive with bad sectors.