Help with bluetooth device

I lost the USB dongle required to receive wireless signal to my computer from my Wacom art drawing tablet, I have other USB bluetooth dongles used for a wireless trackball mouse and keyboard which are idle when not using TV.

Question: Could I modify the other bluetooth USB dongles to enable one of them to allow my Wacom Intuos Pro medium to be used wirelessly or do I need to purchase another wireless pack?

Theoretically you could. But i read the Bluetooth device is preconfigured to listen to a certain Bluetooth dongle?

But you can try with btscanner to find the tablet and try to spoof your dongle to be the dongle it should listen to, but for long term its best to fix new gear. Unless you can rewrite a dongle to perma listen to or have to reconfigure the setup each time you start working.

I never tried to in my life rewriting code of the tablet so not sure if that would work. To make the tablet listen to another dongle.

But yes its possible but you will need to hack a little.