Help with Asus RMA

This is kinda dumb question but I couldn't find an answer anywhere else.

I need to send my old mobo back to asus for an RMA, but as I've never send anything by mail, I don't know in which field should I put the attn in:

ASUS Service Center
Attn: RMA Dept., RMA# __USPC3A3495_____
121 River Ridge Circle, Dock C
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Please help me out!

There is an image of the form:

Why are you doing it the hard way? All I had to do to RMA my board (twice) was call Asus, give them my serial # for the mobo, my address, and they sent me a printable shipping label.

Because I have no ideia what I'm doing, you have no idea the hassle I had to go trough to RMA it.

As I live in Brazil, I have to buy all my components in the states (and RMA them there) when I travel there, as my motherboard started to fail, I had to talk to my cousin that lives there, to buy a new one for me.

Then when he came back to Brazil, he gave me the new mobo, and took the bad one back to the US, but he doesn't know nothing about computers nor mailing, so I'm trying to do the RMA process from Brazil, and just telling them what to do. That's why I'm asking for help.

When it comes to computers, it sucks to live in a third world country


I'm sorry to have to inform you... but Asus US will refuse warranty service if they see the shipping label from Brazil. You took a risk wanting to avoid import taxes, the risk turned out to be real, you're screwed. That's pretty much it. Also Asus has a notoriously bad reputation when it comes to RMA or after-sales support, they will not make an exception, even if they owe a huge percentage of their US sales to grey market exports to South-America.

This is one thing I hate ASUS for. I wanted to buy my Mobo, $180 on Newegg, $600 in Australia. I nearly bought it from the US until I decided if I had to RMA my board, It would be too dificult. 1 week after buying it, Faulty component sparking everywhere. Didnt change the fact that it took 1 1/2 months to get it repaired where for 1 whole month it just sat at the depo I dropped it in.

If you have a trusted friend in the US, Ship it to him and get him to RMA it for you. Otherwise I believe you may be able to sort something out with one of the shipping companies that act as US citizens. It may cost but trust me, If the cost to get one from your country is as big as mine, Just order another one. If you cant, well tough luck. Its going to cost more to try and get it fixed than its worth.