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How would I go about automating the process of adding words to a phones dictionary without manually adding them. Preferably it would be multiple words at once. I am new to coding and thought this would be a cool project to start off with in python.

I don’t actually know, but I would imagine that there is a file containing the predicted words.

Find that file and batch edit it, then put it back where you found it.

Are you going to write a new kb from scratch? I would think something simple like if a word isn’t in the dictionary and it gets used more than x times you automatically add it.

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I want to import a list of several words at once to prevent having to add them individually to the dictionary .

Learning to read from and write to files will solve this problem. One of the 5 “real” programming skills.

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Thanks. I am very wet behind the ears and find it easier to learn something when I have a project. Just watching tutorials doesnt help.

I’m on mobile, so this is going to suck, but I’ll expound upon it when I get behind a keyboard

The blunt, what no one wants to hear:

Programming is not magic. Neither is writing, public, speaking, lifting weights, drawing, or playing guitar. Some people have an aptitude for dexterity or logic, so they pick things up quicker than others, but at the end of the day, it’s practice.

Spend time reading, writing, writing about writing, thinking about writing, and then write some more. If you want to wail on the guitar like Zakk Wylde or Dimebag Darrell, you don’t start learning Joe Satriani or some crazy guitar solo, you start by learning “Eat All Day Get Big Easy”, then you learn how to fret open major chords, fret a barr chord, and strum a tune while changing chords.

It’s nice to have a goal in programming, like automatically adding words to a dictionary, but if you don’t know how to structure a program, basic concepts like staying DRY with functions, input/output, arrays, string manipulation, reading and writing files, etc. you won’t get very far and end in frustration or, worse, just copying and pasting the code from other sources.

Nothing is going to teach you the way you want to learn. Not a video, book, documentation, professor, whatever. Practice. It’s not going to click immediately, and even when it does you will never master something. You’ll spend two years learning a concept, framework, or use that time building something, and that’s two years of not using something else or forgetting another framework.

Point is, the idea you want to fulfill is “simple” in programming terms, but it’s going to take a minute to get there. It took me a solid six months or so before I was writing JavaScript without referencing things. Now, I don’t use JavaScript, so I’d need a huge refresher or reference if starting again. Does that make me a shitty programmer? Maybe, but if you ask my co-workers they’ll say I’m alright.

Work towards your goal by learning the fundamentals to get you there. If you learn reading/writing but don’t get the other components in that code, work backwards until you fully understand. Then explain it to the 10 year old you. If you can’t, keep learning.


Trash tuning, get out


You need to make a “Coding corner with your host AdminDev” thread so us scrubs can learn.

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Sorry, how’s Crushing Guitar Chords From Above Doom

Working on it :wink:

It’s a work in progress. I find myself hesitating and a hypocrite because I’m using non-FOSS/Windows gear to edit my Linux/Dev videos :joy:

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