Help with an Asus Maximus VII Hero

My system's got the Asus Maximus 7 Hero its Bios version is 609 and the front base is at its latest firmware version.
I am running Windows 7 SP1 64bit ultimate Genuine.
My CPU is sticking to 3.9ghz and only slightly adjusts from 3.9 to 3.7 on a rare occasions.
The system repetitively crashes and blue screens on programs like CPU-z, Hw-info, realtek audio and a fair few more but some times it just decides to blue screen for no reason.
The system hangs on many occasions and then proceeds to either crash many programs or just blue screen.

It started doing this when my friend came round and loaded optimized defaults and then it started to do this.

My core on is the i7 4770k.

Thank you for reading.

i would suggest you select back the normal defaults, and check if it still does it, if not, then there is a crappy setting somewhere in the optimized defaults, i personaly never use these modus settings, overclocking can be better done manualy

 it keeps returning to the setting and I do not want to overclock at the moment and have never touched overclocking settings.

I don't want it running at 3.9 always i want it to be at 3.5 and run not at turbo allways

thank you though