Help with 'acquiring' Win 8

Not sure if anyone would be willing to help, but here's my situation:

I have recently received second hand laptop, but the thing runs windows vista and that's just unacceptable. As a student, I only get about (what approximates to) $50 (that is 500 Rand) with which I still have to afford my girl etc. Anyway, explaining financial logistics aside, purchasing the $120 windows 8 is just not viable. I had been hoping that my university would get it at a discount, but sadly no.

So basically, I want to know if anyone knows of any reliable windows 8 cracks etc. (Sorry if asking this is against site rules, but it doesn't seem like it would be...)


Vista ran fine after SP2.  Suck it up and use it, or if you want something for nothing, put Linux on it.


Search windows 8. 

Instructions in description 90% of the time, if not there will be in the comments.

Follow the instructions carefully.

I would give a link but I think pirating is frowned upon. Anyway, it's not very hard to find one, just order by the most seeded and look at the comments before choosing one.

I know from my university I can get pretty much any Microsoft product free (except office). Does your Uni offer Dreamspark in anyway? (it's the facility for stupidly discounted or free Microsoft products).

Otherwise, you're stuck with procuring an alternate copy of Win8. Just be careful of torrents with malicious content (which I why I always use direct downloads from a trusted source).