Help with a Google calendar dependent app

Hello, I'm currently having troubles figuring out how to upgrade my school's online schedule. The current app that the students use to check the scheduled is . However, the app is very glitchy, only supports chrome, and ugly. I am a very armature web coder. Is there any way for me to build this off of a sort-of cms based software that can let me do this with ease? The current app receives the schedule for today from this Google calandar

I know, like I said I did not make this app. It only completely works on Chrome and I want to support all browsers.

is this a web app or an android app?

also Firefox probably wont support it natively, so you might be able to load an add on on to Firefox i really don't use Firefox and prefer to keep my applications client side.

Have you looked at the Firefox sdk theirs probably an addon that supports java script and you can add a dependency to the Google libraries from there using maven or something.

sorry i can be of much help.

Just curious, wouldn't it be easier to not try and develop an app for this and just send out an email or text with the calendar so that people can add it to their own calendar?

that's to simple though


The page has links for Send Feedback, Report an Issue, and Suggest a Feature.

Looks like the developer really wants to keep in touch with his/her users, to listen in on comments like yours. Give em a shot!

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