Help with a gaming PC

So this is my first build and I'm wanting to put together a gaming rig that can handle new games at a reasonable quality (medium or better) instead of paying for an XB1 or PS4. I've put together some parts for about $1000(aud). Is this a good rig/has anyone got a better build for about the same price? 

Link - 

Please keep in mind I'm in Australia. 



*changed the GPU

Drop the SSD, anything less than 120GB is not worth it.

Placed a much much stronger GPU in the build. I think you will be quite happy with it. It's capable of playing BF4 with ultra presets.

I would advise upgrading the power supply to something more efficient. Something like this:

It's $40 more, though.

Ideally, you should try and grab some lower profile RAM. It will be less obstructive in that small chassis.

Thanks man, I didn't think of the profile of the ram and the power supply is still reasonable at $40 more. Whats SSD would you put in this system? (Don't worry too much about going a little more). The GPU change looks awesome as well.




You might consider a few different lines of upgrades.

You could upgrade the GPU to a GTX 760 for a reasonable price increase. It is a faster performing card, overall. However, there's a fairly cheap 280x which beats the 760, comfortably.

Here's a low profile CPU heatsink:

SSDs. Either of these would be sufficient to start with:

120GB is enough for your OS and 2 or 3 choice games. Are ordinary mechanical HDD is suitable for most games.

You can add SSDs later, so you might consider upgrading the GPU first. The i5 and 280x would make a really awesome system. Would play most games on ultra textures at 1440p. Which is a good step up from the 270x or 760.

I'll probably build the 280x with the heatsink above and your other recommendations but leave the SSD for another pay day, I'd rather be playing on better settings! 

Cheers dude!


Spot on. I think the 280x comes with a few free games. Check out AMD's promotion: