Help with a friends build

My friend wants to do some form of video rendering, light gaming, Space Engine V2, and a combination of Folding@Home, GPUGrid, and World Community grid, with the focus on the latter. He has a budget of $2500 CAD. He will be reusing his SP550 240GB from his current build as well as having a key for Windows 10 Pro. He also bought the Corsair 380T already ($180) which counts towards the $2500 Total. Also needs a 4k IPS display.

All Prices will be in CAD and needs to include or have 5% tax added onto it ($2375 before tax)

so pretty much everything with a heavier lean to compute

this is gonna be a tight squeeze

brb thinking up part list

yep thats expensive

ought to do it

also, how light gaming because 4k really can be a bear on a 480

Wow a 24" 2160p that is some supreme pixel density.

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Yeah h[is laptop has a pretty high pixel density also.

quote="kewldude007, post:3, topic:108372"]
also, how light gaming because 4k really can be a bear on a 480

He sort of quit gaming a while ago but might play some World of tanks, etc.. nothing AAA.
Also the pcpartpicker link doesn't have a preice for the 480

He's got the Asus UX501JW which has a 15" 4K Display running off a GTX960M

No he doesn't, 1440p should be max price wise

He made a mistake, unless he's "moving" around a lot

Cpu wise, an i7 is a must, while a Skylake generation of that is recommended. Gpu wise, Nvidia is the choice for performance but AMD is better with price. With Nvidia, either the 900 series or 10 series is fine for this. While AMD is just the higher end is recommended of either the 300 or 400 series of Rx cards.

When the cheapest 1440p Monitor is $380 CAD Acer G257HU smidpx (He insists on IPS )
And the Cheapest 4K screen is $485 CAD doesn't it make sense to go with that?

Him and I were thinking about waiting for Zen and Kaby Lake to come out then see what is best. If their 8 core zen cpu isn't too expensive it might be a better idea to go with that. Oh and also we were thinking of a 1070 over the 480 just for rendering purposes...

He has the 380T in his cart, on NCIX as it is special order.... What would you recommend? M-ITX, Large enough to put a 120mm or 240m rad in there for the H80i or H100i v2...

1440p is cheaper anyway, like you said. Even if you had to wait on deals or something.

Nah, it's better to buy now if he "wants now".

Depends if he wants a micro atx or a full size one. Itx does have it's limits, has it can't hold all the different types of parts. And even then, it has to be wide enough. So be mindful of that when shopping for real.

Corsair, Fractal Design, Thermaltake, and NZXT has some good cases options for that.