Help with a first gaming build

I am hoping to to get a gaming PC this year with money I have saved up. I have come up with this build:

What do you guys think of this build? Also I am worried about the build because I am not sure if the GPU and case fan will fit inside of the case. Will be grateful for some advice as I am new to building PC's.

:) Thanks

I think you're absolutely spot on with these choices. Only thing I would change is the 7950. I love the 7950, but to get the most out of it, you should pick one with a good cooler. Like the MSI, HIS, or ASUS.

Here is an example of what you could do:

It has a better 7950 and a better PSU. I took one of the RAM modules out. You only need 4GB, you can add the additional 4GB later. I also removed the heatsink. Again, it can be added later. The FX6300 will come with a stock cooler. It will be fine for a month, or so.

I was thinking that too. However in the UK on amazon the XFX is £174.99 and the MSI and ASUS are around £230 :P.

The XFX 7970 is £203 which is cheaper than the MSI and ASUS 7950's.

Actually do you think I should go for the 7970 instead?

The XFX cooler is quite loud and hot. I mean, some people are very happy with the XFX card, and it does have lifetime warranty. With a good cooler, the 7950 is just as good as the 7970. It's all about overclocking the card.

A good 7950 can beat a bad 7970.

Okay :) cheers for the help man.

Will the 4GB be enough for the next gen games. I know that COD : Ghosts requires 6GB to boot up. (Not that i'll be playing that game). I was just wondering for games like BF4 and Watchdogs.

8GB is definitely becoming more of a baseline. Some people are starting to upgrade to 16Gb, to tell you the truth. 16GB is probably excessive. You will be fine with 4GB, for the majority of current games. I was just trying to help out with getting you the most for your budget. If you can afford 8gb, definitely grab it. But 4gb will be fine until you can afford the extra £30 for the second module.

oh okay thanks. Think i'll be able to afford the 8GB. If not it's my birthday in January so i'll just get it then :P