Help with a build

I'm ordering parts for a new pc on Black Friday to record gameplay at 1080p on Ultra settings at 60 fps. My budget maxes out at 1200$ I will be playing COD AW, BF4, GTA V (when it comes out for pc) and Minecraft. I already have a copy of Win. 8.1 and all my peripherals (keyboard, mouse, 60hz monitor.)
Please make the prices in Canadian

It's a little over, but worth it. Its your choice! I accidentally put low voltage ram, but you can change that. I have a geforce 970 and love it. Along with the Asus Sabertooth board and that's awesome the bios is quite impressive.

Will I be able to record/render with this?


Will you be overclocking?


If your wanting to record/render I say go for an i7-4790k which will add another $80-100. I have an i7-4790k and it's an absolute beast, but expensive. I was going to get the i5-4690k, but I didn't because I wanted something with power and longevity meaning it wouldn't be obsolete. it was worth the extra money it just hurt my wallet. I would highly recommend a cooler because if you plan to game it will be wise to get something to keep the cpu cool. 

Well, I put together a build not oriented towards overclocking.

This'll be decently faster than the i5 when rendering videos due to the 8 threads.  It'll game just fine - this Xeon is essentially a locked i7 with no integrated graphics.  A GTX 970 will be very strong at 1080p.

Also, 16GB of RAM will help during editing.

Thanks brah

Yeah, but isn't the i7-4790k better, yet cheaper?

Nope, it's the other way around


It's better only due to clockspeed.

The price difference is why I've gone for the Xeon over the i7.

I didn't see that the Canadian price was $358, I payed $330 for mine.

Well, in the US, the i7 is about $330.  The Xeon E3-1231 is about $250-260.

How much performance would the 1231 give me over the 1230?

A small amount - it's only 0.1ghz.