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I am building a computer for a client of mine and I needed to support at least eight monitors. I don’t know where to start honestly the budget is 1200.

just throw 2 workstation gpus with 4 active connectors in it.

If it’s a day trader just get a matrox card and call it a day

To put it bluntly you would be VERY hard pressed to find a workstation capable of driving 8 monitors. The only cards really capable of doing that are AMD professional cards which even the base model costs around $600 bucks. Double that budget and you might be looking at some wiggle room but as it stands i don’t think it’s feasible mate.

That just isn’t true. See: matrox

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Looking at their product line up i’m not seeing anything that could drive 8 monitors in the sub $600 USD price range.

2 triplehead2go DP’s and an appropriate midrange workstation card from last gen would run about 650 and drive up to 9 displays, actually.

If his only prerequisite is to drive 8 monitors, 550 for the rest of the platform is plenty.

another option is to just get 8 of these:

or these if he doesn’t need 4k:

then throw in an old firepro or quadro and call it a day.

the most efficient option would probably be a triplehead DP plus 2 plugables and a last gen firepro.

win 8.1 and 10 support up to 14 monitors via this method:

Allot depends on what he wants to do with it.
If he wants to show 8 new employees a training youtube video thats gonna be cheaper then 4k gaming on 8 screens

True; the reason I’m assuming day trader is that’s the most common use-case for diriculous screen real estate.

@tydurden here are the caveats if you go the plugable route:

  • Long boot times. While windows supports up to 14 monitors via usb displaylink and/or GXM, boot times take much longer past 6 displays. The only way around this is to run non-xfire eyefinity, or SLI quadros which is incredibly finnicky to get working for the money.

  • You WANT to use USB 2.0. Most USB 3 implementations will run out of bandwidth with this many extended displays, so you want to put these on a powered hub in usb 2.0 mode as a workaround.

  • the best option is probably to grab something like the Pro wx 4/5100 and 2 DP plugables. that way you can daisychain up an eyefinity setup and use 2, and if the monitors you get don’t want to cooperate, you can just pop in 2 more plugables.


What is the PC going to be used for? People seems to go for productivity work station builds and stuff…
A stupid 470 can run 5 displays no problem…

How much graphical power do you actually need for this build?

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Ryzen 5 1400
ASRock AB350 Pro4
G.Skill Trident Z (2x8GB)
2x AMD WX 4100
Samsung 850 Evo 120GB M.2 SSD
WD Blue 1TB
SeaSonic S12ii 520W

Total: $1,160

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