Help with a build AMD FX 6300 or Intel I5 3570?

i am looking for a computer that can run games well like BF3 with more then playable fps so should i use the FX 6300 or the Intel I5 3570?can you make a build with one of these for less then $1000?please tell me whats better 6300 or 3570.give me any build you think are good.

The 3570 will be better, but it is in a higher price bracket.

for a $1000 build, this is what I recommend, although you should do some research on your own before you buy any of this

For your price range, the FX 6300 is the better option as it performs very similarly to the 3570k but since it's 100$ cheaper, it allows you to get a much more powerful GPU than you'd get with the i5.

oh wow thank you i didnt know you could fit a 7970 into a build like this and keep it in budget.