Help with a $600 Build

Hey guys!

So I am planning on building a gaming PC for my cousin. He wants to play max settings at 60 fps (1080p). He also does some streaming. I was thinking an FX-6300 with a GTX 960. That and 8GB of RAM and the other components will bring us to around his $600 price point. My question is on whether or not the 960 will deliver what he's hoping to get out of it. If anyone has a 960, does it max games at 1080p without too much stress? Any help is greatly appreciated.

You will be better of with a R9 280 or R9 290 for that price point more power for the dollar and more vram.

It depends on the games that he plays. The 960 is a decent card that can play most games fine at 1080p but not sure about streaming. I don't stream.
here is my build with the fx 6300 and its all from Newegg much more easier for you to order if you wish.