Help with a 2.5 inch HDD

hey guys,recently i got my hands on a 2.5 inch HDD,and unfortunately my computer case does not have a 2.5 inch drive bay,and looks like no store in my city sells a 2.5 inch bracket,so if i mount this HDD with only two screws will it create vibrations and possibly damage my HDD? if the answer is yes,i will be buying one of these brackets on EBAY

I would definitely get an adapter. Using two screws on a 2.5" HDD in a 3.5" drive cage sounds dangerous since both screws would be on the same side of the hard drive and it would just kind of be dangling there. You want as much stability as possible when mounting hard drives because they have moving parts and they can get screwed up if there is too much vibration.

Or you could use velcro and mount it that way, thats what im doing with my SSD. just stick it to the back of the motherboard tray or to the bottom of the case.

That's always a good option too.