Help with 400$ budget multipurpose gaming computer

I'm trying to maximize the value, performance, and future of this machine. I don't want to upgrade anything for a long time if I can. I'll be using this for gaming and for school, as a video design major. 

Budget: around 400$

Where: USA, California

Programs: Blender, a little photoshop

Games: Stuff like Bioshock Infinite, trying to future proof

Here is the current build I've been working on. Not entirley happy with the motherboard, but I think it's good value for the money. I have my own power supply, it's old, but as long as it doesn't break anything I'd like to keep it.

I've left out things I don't need, like the optical drive, peripherals, and os.

Thanks for helping :)

thta mothebroard is FM1.  The socket he needs is AM3+.

What about this.

That's too far out of my budget, I was considering that MOBO but the reviews scared me away. That is a nice case for the price though, thanks!

can't game without dedicated card and $400

for $400 try going the AMD APU route with the A10-6800k

You could go with an FM2 motherboard and get the A10-6800K APU. It has pretty good integrated graphics. From there, you could save up for a real discreet video card and other parts you may want.