HELP!, Windows Update keeps messing up my audio

About one week ago, my laptop (Windows 8.1) updated itself.
After the update i noticed the audio sounding different, very different.
I don't know what exactly changed, the codec? or something else? But the change in audio was too drastic
I first noticed this in CS:GO, the menu sound, bullet sound, everything sounded soo different. Then i played some music, it did sound different, through speakers and headphones. It seemed all of the music coming out of this computers dac? (or the audio processor?) got morped.
To fix this i restored my system to couple of days before the update took place (System Restore), the audio went back to normal, as it originally was.
Two days ago, windows decided to update itself, the audio changed with it....
I restored again, the audio went back to normal. Then i looked over to Windows Update to pinpoint which update was causing this change.
I decided to update the system (audio went to shit again...), then started to uninstall updates that vaguely resembled audio updates. After a couple of uninstall's the audio was still the same, i just don't know which update is causing this mess

Laptop - Lenovo E440
Audio Adapter - Intel Lynx Point PCH
Audio Driver - Conexant

I have marked the updates that i unistalled to check if its the one that was causing this problem, but they not.

Thanks for reading, your help would be appreciated

Security updates aren't going to affect your audio device(s). More than likely during the windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft installed its own audio drivers based on Lenovo OEM drivers.

Uninstall the current driver via the device manager and install the official Lenovo driver from here

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