HELP: will an OEM work on a fresh build

    Hi All,

I recently finished my build (two days ago) and am going to put it together and do a clean install but my (factory sealed) windows 8(or 8.1) disc is in an odd white CD envelope that says OEM on it and im not sure as to if its for all in one pre built pc's only. If someone can help verify to my if this will work on my custom build and if thier is any bloatware? 


PS: Will add pictures soon and what version i specifically have

    Also im told that i can call microsoft and get a key for free if i play it right but I hope since i bought mine legit i have a key inclose since it is *factory sealed*.




Yes it will work the OEM vesion will be tied to your Mobo where as a Retail version is not if I recall.