Help whit overclocking a amd fx6300 to 4.5Ghz

hello guy the time is now to overclocke my pc to 4.5Ghz so yah im trying to overclock my pc to 4.5Ghz i manage to overclock it from stock to 4.1Ghz all i did was increase the cpu mutipliyer the voltage set it self up so far im not seeying any performance change in cpu demanding games like stacraft could it be becauze i lets the cpu turbo boost enable in the bios ? i will cheeck temorow my fps whit and whitout the overclock but i dont see any diffrence any help on that?

CPUs dont have much effect on games

i also have a FX-6300 and im OCd to 4.6ghz with 2400HT speed

HT speed dosent have much effect on performanc either

and letting turbo boost increase cpu speed is fine