[Help} What is the best way to play Windows games on a laptop with Linux as the host?

I have this half decent laptop that I've had for around two years. The specs are as follows:

Dell Latitude E5530:
i5 3230M
4gb DDR3 1600mhx
HD 4000 graphics
500gb HDD
1366x768 display

I recently decided to give Mint 17.1 a try as the last time I used something Debian based has been around a year. The issue is I'm currently dual booting Windows 10 TP alongside Mint however recently I started tinkering with Wine and Steam/ Everything was swell, most games ran. But then, I wanted to mod Morrowind as to finally go from start to finish and complete the game. Guesss what? You can't install mods with executables. This means no MGE XE which is semi important as to my experience especially considering Morrowind is 4:3 and I'm playing it on a 15 inch display. Would it be possible for me to use KVM or Xen without need of passtrhough? Otherwise I'm just going to have to keep my Winblows partition until my desktop is done... which wont be for a year or so at this rate.


Passthroughs are probably the best route.. you can try wine but some games will be difficult and really will need direct access to the hardware... I am not very good at that stuff though as I keep windows for gaming LOLS

Well you can you can use:

Wine (winehq.org )
Lutris (lutris.net/)

Or just trie Steam and see .

It depends entirely on the games. Some games run perfectly in WINE, and others will need Windows.

Morrowind unfortunately only really works really well if you don't want to change anything.