HELP-water fried card

So someone, me, did something dumb like knocking a glass of water into my tower. Don't even ask shit happens. But yeah my damn new video card is toast. I didn't buy a protection plan on it b/c it's air cooled I figured why do I need water protection...  

I'm thinking buy the same card, return the bad one in the new box? Am I just completely fucked out of my money?
The card is a msi 270x
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, unless it's telling me to not spill water in my pc b/c I know that  

Do you live in America, you could sue him...(jk!)

In all seriousness, I'd recommend that you don't return it, could get you in some trouble, but you could use it for a coaster.

I actually have a ati2400pro for my coaster. But I mean I guess I can upgrade it lmao. I went ahead and bought an extended warranty plan on it. The plan says you can still buy it if it's within 30 days, and it's only been 15. Now I'm just gonna wait a few days then I'll file a claim. 

clean up the fried card

buy new exact card

return broken card in new box


1% ers gaming the system, you might as well too.

Just so everybody knows, switching out the fried card with a new one then returning the fried one in the new card's packaging is considered fraud.

Buying an accidental damage plan (water protection in this case) after the accident happened is not fraud however.

Hang it on your wall, I was going to do it with a Mobo that I thought I broke.

If there's no obvious damage, and you bought it from a major retailer, just return it as is and let them know it suddenly stopped working (which is what happened).  

Computer stores, at least NCIX in my area, check box serial numbers against card serial numbers.

If you bought it on a cc, maybe you have insurance without realizing it.

Sorry to hear about the accident either way.  I have my Mackie HR824s and my PC (4770k/280x) in a precarious position, and I'm constantly paranoid about spills.  It'll happen one day...