Help W/_$900-$1100 Gaming Rig

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Okay, time to get straight to the point.


My birthday is coming up around the corner, and my mom... wtf am I saying~

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I'm looking to upgrade in the future (as in a SSD, hopefully a i7-3770k, and a GTX 670).

Most the stuff I chose were just for cosemetics because I wanted a perty cum poo der (I honestly did like 5 mins of research and fkn clicked random shit for the last 3 hours.)


Games I'm planning to play: Counter-Strike 1.6 :D, CS:GO, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, Crysis 3, BF3, Skyrim, FarCry 3, and a bunch more.


Even though I have no idea how to overclock, IT WILL BE DONE!


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Yep. Lemme know watcha tink :D.

you could drop the corsair dominator ram for some g.skill and get a 600w psu and that will save you abit of money.

Pretty good build to start.  But obviously, you've gone above your $1,100 budget.  So here are some suggestions:

For the motherboard, the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 is a fantastic board for a mid range build.  It has a lot of features, it can overclock, supports dual sli/crossfire, looks completely badass, and is only $135.  Go with that for your motherboard.

The RAM is another item that you could spend less on, and possibly get more.  That Dominator Platinum memory is nice having only a cas latency of 8, but $99 is a bit much for only 8GB.  I'd personally suggest the G.SKILL Sniper Series.  It's only $80, has a cas latency of 9 which is still good, and it's clocked at 2133MHz.  Pretty good deal in my opinion.

As far as the power supply goes, the AX-750 is pretty damn good, especially with that sale.  An alternative that I'd suggest would be the EVGA SuperNOVA 750W.  It's 80 Plus Gold Certified, it uses high quality Japanese Capacitors, and it's FULLY Modular.  And it's only $150!  Also did I mention that it's got a 10 year warrenty on it? :)

Finally, the case.  I like the Corsair C70, but personally for that price range I'd go with the NZXT Phantom PHAN001.  It's a full tower ATX case, has LOTS of fans and room for more of them, gives you plenty of cable management options, looks absolutely sick with the red trim in my opinion, and the Phantom series is known for having some of the best air flow for full tower and mid tower cases.  If you don't like the red/white version, there are others colors.

Overall it's a good build, my only complaint is the motherboard.  You're spending WAAAAY too much on it, the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 can easily do everything that you need, and it'll save you $100.

You could buy even better stuff with Amd platform, btw...

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestiond guys :] especially -MGX-JackChamp3G for the motherboard alternative. Gonna save me about $100 <3

try that

don't get a 3770k you won't notice a difference between 3570 and 3770

If you plan on any upgrades from mine get a second graphics card instead of just upgrading it. I usually don't suggest getting 2 graphics cards for sli but if you just upgrade you'll be wasting your money.