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[HELP] VGA to RCA connection displays blue screen


Hi L1T forums, I’m trying to set up a retro console with a HTPC and a CRT TV. I’ve got this VGA to RCA converter and as I don’t have the PC yet I tried to test it out with a Windows 10 laptop that has VGA out. After connecting everything and switching the TV to the right input all I get is a blue screen (not a BSOD, just bright blue with no text or movement). The audio does work, and the laptop does recognize the TV as a second display. The TV itself works perfectly. I also tried flicking the little switch on the converter box between NTSC and PAL but nothing happens. So what am I doing wrong? Do I need some different kind of converter?



Are you using an old VGA cable? I had 2 old ones that were really flaky and one in particular you had to play with to see a desktop, otherwise it would end up in a similar state as you describe. I replaced the cables and all has been well so far.

You may also want to check the laptop connector. I don’t know of too many recent laptops with VGA connectors, so if it has seen some miles it may have picked up debris or been damaged. If you can test the laptop and cable with a monitor that would help troubleshoot the issue.



If you’re using your own vga cable make sure all the pins are there and its not some specific setup.



I bet the box isn’t generating a video signal at all. Switching it to PAL mode should have made the TV lose sync. Most TVs have a blue screen for composite/video in when there is no signal—is the screen any different if you yank the yellow cable? The audio is probably a passive adapter, no need to amplify a line-level signal. You plugged in the usb cable right?

FYI, that box is an interesting choice for a retro setup. It seems to accept a minimum resolution of 640x480, so it definitely scales everything and probably only outputs interlaced. It should give you a picture for sure, but you might not be happy with the results.