Help using GOLANG

First time using GO and I am trying to run “make && make install” and I get the error


compile: version “go1.11.5” does not match go tool version “go1.10.4”


compile: version “go1.11.5” does not match go tool version “go1.10.4”

You could use docker to build, that’s a common pattern for when you need a specific toolchain version that doesn’t match what you have available in your package repo.

Usually this happens when you have a package’d version of go installed (yum/apt/etc) along side of the source built version.

The solutions are either docker or uninstall/delete all the libraries that have already been installed.

Hmm, I actually went and built go for raspbian after building a separate 1.4 bootstrap version a few weeks back.

And that worked ok, didn’t take long all in all - maybe 20min if you discount me fumbling around with zram.

Maybe you have some go variable polluting the environment and leaking through to something in the build process.

Also, any reason you need to build your own version of go? What distro are you on?