Help upgrading my rig

This is my current situation I pretty much just game on my system and I've already upgraded my gpu with a gigabyte 1070 and now my lil amd cpu is a serious bottleneck. however my game are running fine for now just not best, I'm just not sure if I should just wait for zen next year and see how the market is then or get a I7 6700 and call it a day.

I'm currently running

amd fx 8320 oc 4.2

16gb ddr3 1600

amd radeon ssd

gtx 1070

cooler-master 750wbronze psu

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

What games are having issues? most will still run at over 60fps with an FX 8 core, also do you only have a 1080p display?

You don't need an i7 of that caliber. You can just settle for i5 Haswell cpus for gaming.

No, just buy now if you really want to improve your system.


Wait for Zen before putting any money in any component (apart from harddrives).

I bit this bullet with the upgrade from an X4 750k, to a i5 4690k. I'm not sure if it was the best decision but a good one at most.

I'm still rocking a 2700k stock speed and it does great. I see no reason to upgrade still.
And It's able to hit 4.9 on air cooling but causes the occasional hang on boot. Stable at 4.5
Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler keeps it cold at almost 5ghz

if you upgrade to the latest i5 or i7 non extreme, you'll be set for years to come.

yes my display is a 1080, most games run fine but some OpenGL or games that don't optimize for multi thread games aren't going as well examples would be.

borderlands 2(the pre-sequel is running fine tho), ARK:survival evo, Fallout 4, Skyrim
a good example of a game working well is doom 4k dsr maxed 130fov lowest frame 40fps cpu never flinched

It's not a matter of games not being playable it's just painfully obvious that my 8320 is holding back the 1070

I'd say the biggest problem is that ever since I have upgraded to the 1070 my loading screens are taking forever(not literally), and overclocking seems to help but Idk why(I was assuming bottleneck).

Skyrim only uses 2 CPU threads, I don't think ARK runs well on any system currently, not sure on fallout 4

But overall if you were going to upgrade I'd upgrade big to X99 from an FX 8 core, an i7 6700 is another option I guess, but multi-threaded performance isn't going to be too much higher

Or just get a 4k display so your 1070 can actually get a work out and you'll have the 4k desktop as you wait for zen/funding

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In that why wouldn't I just get a 8370 and not have to worry about the cost of a new motherboard then?

that wouldn't be an upgrade at all

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Grab a 6600k or a 6700k if you do a lot more than just game. Otherwise, an I5 will more than suffice your needs.

I"m on my TV right now am definitely Into multi-monitor setup any Ideas?(1080p is all the pixel density I need)

Then go for 3 1080p displays, do you want monitors or something? or more TVs?

For monitors you'd probably want these 1080p 75hz TN free-sync displays, mostly because they have display port which makes multi-monitor set ups easy

far the CPU goes, I'd upgrade to X99 so you have a substantial jump in single threaded and multi-threaded performance

i was thinking of x99 as well but wasn't sure if it'll be worth it if I could just wait a few months to see what is poping up around the corner(and considering the price yikes). as for the monitors that definitely looks like something up my ally(I'm more interested in high frames and wide aspect ratio much more than high res that's why I bought an nvidia card)

as far as x99 do you think 5820 6800 or 6850 is the better option?

when it comes to monitors honestly all I know is refresh rate aspect ratio and res and that's about it.

Doesn't have to be "the best" it just have to be better than what you had before.


Wait for the i7 7700k, comes out later this year/ early 2017!

that's actually what I meant by "wait for Zen" because when Zen comes out there will be other cpu's on the market or about to come out, so then I would be able to compare the hardware available.

Ahh ok

well on the monitors they have TN displays, which has some color shift when viewed from an angle, but modern TN is really pretty good actually, especially considering cost given you get display port, I don't think there's any IPS displays in that price range with display port and 75hz.

Also they have VESA if I remember right so you can mount them with an arm set up

Far as X99 goes, kind of a go big or go home thing, an i7 6700 is an alright upgrade, but mostly gives you per core performance, where as the 6 core gives you everything performance, costs a bit more of course.

Quick X99 pricing here

PCPartPicker part list:
Price breakdown by merchant:

CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor ($368.99 @ SuperBiiz)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($27.95 @ Newegg)
Motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme4/3.1 ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard ($219.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory ($69.88 @ NCIX US)

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