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Help to identify and boot Inventec server board for xeon v3


I have purchased NoName server board with LGA2011-3 socket.
By MAC address found that it manufactured by Inventec, no model on the board just SN.

This is original eBay item

On Inventec cant find such motherboard, also google returning nothig. Tryied to search B880 or B800 in any variations

Found similar on TaoBao layout 99.5%, except I have 2 SFP+ ports.

Situation - I have E5 2680v3 and Samsung RDIMM ECC 2133 (according to specs should boot), but with one CPU it do not want to boot. BMC led blinking and Intel LSB/MSB on port 80h post code is something like F7 or FE, which are “reserved” for (intel boards). But codes are near CPU exception or EFI ExitBoot

Tried also to wait maybe it has some very long delay, but no luck - CPU is cold and POST codes remains.

Maybe somebody knows how to reset BIOS so it is not attached to vendor specific hardware?

What are other options - enter somehow in debug mode?

Also tried to scan devices on IPMI… nobody answers :frowning: