Help to "boil down" surveillance topic

Hello everybody :)

I got a little assignment in my English class. I am to make a 10 minute presentation about surveillance and keep things simple so that someone who "doesn't know anything about it" can understand it.

I would like to touch a bit on both phones and computers, but what do you guys think? My head is almost blowing up when I have to boil it down to 10 minutes.

Lastly, I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Here Glenn Greenwald concisely presents the downsides of mass surviellance and he makes it simple enough for the TED crowd, i.e. majority non-tech people

If you're presenting it in a way so that people who don't know anything can understand, I'd say focus on things like Microsoft's spying on Windows 10.

Do it for big name products/companies, and of course Windows 10 is used by a lot of people, that could hit people hard.

I would start off by describing what is privacy, why it matters and then follow up by describing how that view changed during last years. Next, I would spend like 2 minutes on Edward Snowden (I know its not much but you got really short time limit) and give examples like Windows 10 and how are the governments pushing to more and more surveillance and how they are trying to blame encryption.

Could you share with us once you are done? I am definitely interested.

Yeah, in presentations like this, you want to get their attention quick, So start off with a worst case scenario and show how easy that scenario is to get to given the powers the government has now. THEN work down to the more mundane parts.

Sure, I could share it if you want it. :)

Edward Snowden was definitely on my mind. Gotta bring in some of the Smurf stuff. And Windows 10 is definitely also something I had planned. Then something about the browsers, Google and Facebook. But I need to back it up with some good articles. Majority of my class are not what I would call enlightened and I would not be surprised if they're to say that I am missing my tinfoil-hat.