Help! thoughts on my set up im planning on getting?

Graphics card 
EVGA GeForce GTX650Ti Boost 2GB

Advanced Micro Devices AD750KWOHJBOX 100W

MSI Socket FM2/AMD A75/DDR3/SATA3&USB3.0 FM2-A75MA-E35

Hard drive
WD Blue 1 TB

GAMMA Classic Series ATX Mid Tower

Corsair Vengeance 4GB (1x4GB)

Power supply
Corsair CS Series 450 Watt ATX Modular

Other Windows 7, Asus Optical Drive 

what are you trying to do on it? and what are your expectations of it to do what you want?

I want it for gaming. i konw its not the best but it will be my first gaming pc

well starting with the graphics card.  I have a buddy who uses 2 of these in sli config and says he has no issues running most if not all games on medium settings now on that not the gtx 660 has about 200 more cuda cores for only $20 more and right now newegg has it on sale for teh same price as the 650ti.

processor- i dont know much about the athlon series processors so i cant really say I have a fx 8350 which is running solid for me so all i can really recommend on that line of cpus is the fx 4300 it is ($40 more)

mobo- i see that the mobo has its own graphic output which clearly if you are buying a graphics card you dont need.  It might be possible to find a different mobo with out the output for cheaper

case- is a case lol

ram- your mobo does have 2 slots and i would recommend if you are going to get 4Gb of ram get 2-2Gb sticks. it gives it 2 lanes of traffic instead of one (less bottleneckingish)

p/s with what your going to run 450 will be plenty.

win7- i run professional so no issues here

optical drive- now if you want you can save money on this (if you're only going to use it for windows load and what not)  you can download an iso maker (all you need is a 4Gb or larger thumb driver). PowerISO worked for me, windows recommends theirs but i had issues with it that wouldnt let me boot up from it

any other questions feel free to ask