Help switching from an AMD Athlon to an Intel i7

I feel like I'm making a big difference to a quad-core, well to make long story short, I got a bonus the other day for loss prevention and I'm switching from my crappy AMD 4400 (I think it is) to an Intel i7. Of course I'm buying a new motherboard, but I don't know if I have to do anything else (after all I'm switching from 32bit to 64bit also). Anyway, help would be appreciated, and thanks all. :D

dont forget you need ddr3 ram ;) i dont see amd supporting ddr3 thats why intel>amd

You will need DDR3 memory. Its expensive.

Also, should I just stick to AMD and get like a Phenom Quad, or is going Intel good for extreme gaming? Also, thanks for the advice guys.


Would I have to change anything (software-wise or OS) due to the changing of bit? (32 to 64 bit)

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dont forget you need ddr3 ram ;) i dont see amd supporting ddr3 thats why intel>amd

I see AM2+ Phenom2 3.4ghz nearly=i7 3.6ghz

AM3=DDR3 and 25% Phenom2 overall performance increase.

DO NOT GET A REGULAR PHENOM. If you wanna go AMD, at least go AM2P2, and use DDR2 (Cheaper route) or wait for AM3P2, which may be more expensive than i7.

yahh, Phenom II is alot more worth it, no need for mobo switching.

i7 may be a too big leap than you can imagine...

And the ram is super expensive.

DDR2 RAM is almost free

fuck that get core i7 and DDR3 all the way and dont forgetit has to be TRI CHANNEL DDR3

yah dude if you have the money for it go right ahead

I'd just buy a Phenom II much cheaper because you don't have to buy the RAM and X58 mobos. Plus the AM3's come out in Summer/Fall this year. And Skump the AM3's will definitely be cheaper than i7's since you have to buy new mobo + RAM, even then DDR3 will be cheaper.

But still, since I'm changing my processor bit, would I have to change drivers, OS, or any other software?


its a processor dude. not a hard drve

you're gonna need to reformat your hdd, so don't forget to back up whatever you want to keep.

if you are going to want to overclock your processor, you're going to need a new heatsink or an adapter/backplate if your current one has any for sale

other than that, the obvious has been mentioned (ddr3 ram, mobo and core i7 cpu)

wait, why does he need to? its just a cpu.

Why the hell does he need to format?

lol. since he is getting a new cpu. he feels the need to start from scratch.

no, mobo. the bios and system files from the original mobo conflicts with your new one. i've had to reformat each time i went from gigabyte to 750i ftw, and then back to the gigabyte p45.

edit: i would just crash otherwise.

Thanks K0kun for the help, I figured there was another thing I had to do from changing bit, it would make no sense if I kept my graphic card's 32bit drivers if I changed to 64.

Ok maybe your right, I have never changed essential parts in my build.

What if he uninstals the mobo drivers before he changes then?

You need to reformat if you're getting a new mobo fools.