HELP! super micro X10sae stuck while updating!

I was using freedos to update the bios on my x10sae (b/c it was refusing to boot from usb, or boot linux) and it just stopped at this step of the update. It’s been at the same step for the past hour now. I will leave it on until you all can help. Below is the text file that was included. From my understanding, it was supposed to say BIOS DONE UPDATING, but IDK. All I know is it’s stuck on this screen and the underscore mark is flashing. Readme before Refresh AMI bios.txt (3.2 KB)


Well, you can try the Super.ROM recovery feature mentioned in the text file from your post.


I guess the code was just flawed, since that process complete message never popped up. I continued with the instructions and it booted up just like normal. Crisis averted ? :joy: :joy: :weary:

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