[email protected]#[email protected] Spent $775 on agaming pc

Ok frick. Just ordered parts for my gaming pc.. So much stress and sh!t. Please tell me if these are good or not, I still have time to cancel the order 

FX 8320 CPU

Antec Case

1TB seagate HDD

HD 7870 2gb GDDR5

ASUS motherboard with 4+2 power phase

Corsair CX 500 500W power supply

2x2 1333mhz corsair ram

All for $775 including shipping and taxes.

If you want to play at very high settings, you require 8gb of RAM.

Is everything else good though? I'll be upgrading ram later because it's cheap as hell. 

hope thats a 7870xt(1536 shader model)

i would have gotten an asrock board....

thats some slow ass ram.......

you want at least ddr3 1600 8gb....

let me get you a list

if you're spending that much i'd get some better ram, or atleast look around ram's cheap, doesn't look bad

Since you didn't include a cooler I'm assuming you won't be OCing.


Don't buy an incomplete build man. Just get the RAM now. A 6300 is plenty good and won't bottleneck in any way, even with a 7970. I'd take it safe and get a 550 Watt.

this is a bit more then your build but has MUCH better parts


cutting price some 


note: this also cuts the oc potential, IMHO the extreme4 is worth the extra cost.

other then that either would be a good upgrade over what you ordered, the psu is fine, if you decided to add a 2nd 7870xt later, you would need to upgrade it though 

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EDIT this is better, forgot that ram was from an APU build i helped somebody with 

this is better ram buy for an 8350 build

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You fucked your links man.

8Gb vs 4GB for gaming will show you no difference at all, so dont worry about that, maybe something a little faster (1600mhz) would be nice but dont freak out if you have 1333

F**[email protected]#[email protected] It's shipped FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK [email protected]#

Also my mobo had a better power phase (4+2 is better than 4+1?) and ratings than the asrock boards so I went with Asus, and my Graphic card is the non xt version

FUCK why did I just do this

Fuck me shit fuck fuck


I do plan on upgrading RAM later on, to 2x4 1866mhz in like a month or so. I was on an extremeley tight budget also, and the 7870 XT version is $30 more, something I can't afford..

Is ram really that important? I played BF3 with 4gb's of 1333 ram before, it wasn't bottlenecking or lagging it at all.

My budget was supposed to be $710 but I went over by like $65..



I'm so freaking nervous right now 


How much better is the 7870 XT version than the normal one? I heard its just between the 7870 and 7950.



i have to ask, if you're freaking out, and you can change/ cancel the order, why not just cancel it so you can have time to think?

It just got shipped so I cant do anything FUCK

You could return it if you really feel like that, which in all honesty I'd try and do. The XT is like if the 7870 and 7950 fucked and had a child. It has the power of a 7900 card but has characteristics of a 7800. Noy quite a 7950, not quite a 7870. They run a tad hot but it's no big deal. Should've asked on here before pulling the trigger. The ASrock board isn't a beast or anything, just can't beat it for 85$. The RAM isn't THAT important, but I mean if you have a build like this it's just common sense to throw an appropriate RAM kit on with it, considering it's only like 20$ more than a 4G kit anyways. It's just so cheap it's dumb not to. Just get it while you're spending ya' know? No point buying an unfinished build.

But for that price you could've done way better.


because Im in canada return shipping is gonna cost $100 so its not an option


Also the asrock board is $140 on the canadian newegg 

Could you please stop saying stuff about ram..... 1333 to 1600 doesnt change a whole lot, just as 1600 to 1866 wouldnt change a whole lot. Also, he doesnt NEED 8gb. 4gb is plenty, there are just a select few games which require more than 4gb.

Crysis 3 requires 8GB to play on the highest settings.

Hi-Performance Requirements

Core i7-2600K 4-Core 3.40GHz


GeForce GTX 680

Radeon HD 7970

8 GB

I don't like crysis so I'm good for now I guess...

I do plan on upgrading anyways, this is just a temporary solution because of my budget. 

Well I'll see how this goes guys, I do plan on updating this thread when I build it and maybe post some benchmarks.

If anything, I'll just throw away my computer and pretend nothing happened. :)... :(

What ever though, it should be good enough for what I do (lots and lots of Blender/Maya, Batllefield3, Sony vegas only to render, not any edit, etc...)

Fack me

its not actually going to use all of it, most of the "high settings requirements"  are BS when it comes to CPU power and memory... do you seriously think a 4150 will run crysis 3 like a 2600k ?

Dude your fine, a 7870 is still a damn good card and has amazing performance for the price, and 1866Mhz ram will soon be dirt cheap soon enough, so just with a little and then get a Good CPU cooler and OC and get some faster ram, you system should still be solid.